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Mind blowing!

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

A client sent me this amazing testimonial and I wanted to share it with you as it may help someone else too!

“I am working as VP in a large corporation. As any position to this level, we usually face a lot of stress and pressure with the work at stake. After some time, I started to experience some severe anxiety and sleep disorder. I then got enrolled in the traditional psychiatric and therapist tandem to get better. I was not able to feel myself completely calm and ready to move on. When I first met Stephanie I was very skeptical about her methodology but decided to give it a try.
After my first session, I remember saying to myself that it will definitively not work with me as I am a very cerebral person… and I got it all wrong.
Few hours post 1st session I started to yarn almost 20 times and got asleep. Had a very relaxing sleep.
The next day I started to feel the anxiety again and naturally came back to her.
We did multiple sessions together and what I can tell is that not only my vision of Kinesiology changed but also my vision/approach to other things have evolved.
A big part of it is also attributed to Stephanie her self, she comes across very smooth, gentle. Explain very well the process that you feel safe and know what is she doing and the reasons behind.
I personally enjoy the beginning of the session, where we have 20 to 30mins chat about the problem I am actually facing.
It looks silly but it is actually one of my best therapy session.
Then the body muscle reaction comes very much mind blowing.
I can see improvement on me, my vision and my approach.
Since I started, I have significantly reduced my anxiety level from severe to average (psychiatric scale).
A session always end up with a list of action point to help you anchor your learning. Please, whoever reads this, please do them, it actually works, it did with me.
Should you be in a similar situation than me, I would recommend you to give a try and noticed the changes in yourself and surroundings after a couple of sessions."
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